Marble Onboarding

Personalized experiences.

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Marble Onboarding

Get to know your customers better

Marble Onboarding helps you get to know your customers, without multiple manual inputs, forms or manual review.

Instant identity verification

Trust Marble Onboard to capture identifying information, and confirm that your customers are who they say they are, in one solution. Results are confirmed in seconds, saving your customer time, and saving you the need for manual vetting.

Simplified user experience

Your customers can onboard through whatever means convenient for them, whether it’s desktop/web, or mobile. Guided flows make it easy for your customers to provide personal information that is relevant for your business.

Easy implementation

No need to custom build verification or source additional add-ons, Marble Onboard can handle all your identifier needs. Our developers are ready to help you implement this solution into your product or service.

Want to build on Marble?


A versatile and powerful API built to power multiple use cases and industries.


Reduce your time to market and focus on serving up insights to your customers in minutes.

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Automate client intake and verification, and get access to insights to better prepare for your cases.

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Remove self-reporting risks and streamline onboarding to get your customers tailored quotes.

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The Marble API can work for a number of use cases and industries. Get in touch to learn more.

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We unlock health data.

Use our powerful and versatile API to build the future of health data.

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