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Our API layers work together to provide a complete experience for you and your users to access consented health data across a wide network


Trust Marble to validate your users, through an embedded session that checks your user's identification using facial verification. We store this verification for safe-keeping to make sure you are compliant and are looking for the right information for the right person.

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We'll work with users to get their permission to access the data you need. Users will be guided through the authorization process and have complete control over their data.

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Now that we have your user's authorization, we'll query our network of data sources and provide you with the information you asked for, in minutes. No need to manually retrieve information, and no need to burden your users to provide every input.

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We are connected to some of the biggest health networks in the US and currently have over 3 million lives under management. Our team is hard at work growing our connected data sources and we are always adding new sources. Visit our API docs to make a call.

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A versatile and powerful API built to power multiple use cases and industries.


Reduce your time to market and focus on serving up insights to your customers in minutes.

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Automate client intake and verification, and get access to insights to better prepare for your cases.

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Remove self-reporting risks and streamline onboarding to get your customers tailored quotes.

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The Marble API can work for a number of use cases and industries. Get in touch to learn more.

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