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Marble Complete

One solution to complete your product.

Marble Complete covers everything from user verification, gathering user consent, data retrieval and FHIR compliant data storage. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Accelerate time to market

Built by developers, Marble Complete is the total package to elevate your product, and speed up development time. With one integration, you can impelement a solution that verifies your customer’s identities, obtains consent to access their health records, and stores it in secure, FHIR compliant format.

Simplified user experience

Your customers will be guided through a seamless flow to enter a few key pieces of information, and confirm their consent within minutes. They won’t need to plan to follow up, or send copies of ID via email or traditional methods.

Peace of mind compliance

Data retrieved for you will be stored in FHIR compatible formats, giving you peace of mind. We’ve spent months poring over the details to understand all the compliance requirements, so you won’t have to.

Want to build on Marble?


A versatile and powerful API built to power multiple use cases and industries.


Reduce your time to market and focus on serving up insights to your customers in minutes.

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Automate client intake and verification, and get access to insights to better prepare for your cases.

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Remove self-reporting risks and streamline onboarding to get your customers tailored quotes.

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The Marble API can work for a number of use cases and industries. Get in touch to learn more.

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