SettLiT: Our New PI Product

February 3, 2023
1 minute read

We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, SettLiT!

Pronounced "Settle it", this innovative solution is designed to tackle some of the most challenging and persistent issues faced by personal injury firms in the United States. SettLiT accelerates time to settlement and key revenue generation for firms, by streamlining critical friction points throughout the client journey. From modernizing intake to leveraging proprietary digital data connections to enhancing decision-making. SettLiT is primed to significantly redefine personal injury settlement timelines.

The claim-to-settlement process is a long and frustrating practice for both the client and the firm. Archaic, manual processes, disparate systems, lengthy turnaround times for medical records, and human error all contribute to an experience that costs both parties time and money. From start to finish it can take several months (depending on case severity), to reach the point where the law firm can submit a demand letter.

During this time, the client who may be recovering from injuries, stressed by outstanding medical debt, and potentially losing access to treatment, is growing increasingly impatient. The possibility of them moving to a competing firm remains a significant risk.

As an organization that has spent close to a decade working with established law firms, we knew this was a problem that continued to hinder the industry and that’s why we created, SettLiT.

SettLiT, built on Marble’s APIs, is a product that empowers law firms to revolutionize and optimize the personal injury client experience. Our end-to-end solution allows firms to capture accurate client data, process digital authorizations, and instantly access nationwide digital health data networks, resulting in up to a 97% reduction in time, from intake to demand letter creation.

The SettLiT solution comprises five pillars:


SettLiT empowers PI firms to efficiently collect, verify and store client Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in real-time. This fully digital intake experience enables firms to engage with their clients in a modern, scalable, and secure manner. All data is captured in a single source of truth and accessible to authorized parties only.


Firms can remotely capture their client’s wet digital HIPAA signatures, which are then instantly connected to the client profile. This authorization can then be applied to any other client-associated documentation, removing the need to capture multiple signatures on countless documents.  


Once authorized, SettLiT can instantly request digital health records through our direct access to over 60,000 health data sources across the US. Records are delivered in as little as 48 hours and in almost all cases less than a week, substantially faster than the traditional 30-60 days.


SettLiT collects, organizes, and delivers fully structured data back to the firm, enabling them to quickly parse valuable information. We’ll collate the data into easy to consume categories like prior encounters, conditions, treatments, and claim codes, etc.


Use the package of information SettLiT provides to make faster, more informed decisions on choosing the right clients for your firm and automating the generation of accurate, cohesive demand letters. The data we’ll deliver is detailed, comprehensive, and thoroughly reviewed, allowing you to focus on putting your clients first, while generating revenue for your firm.

At Marble, we appreciate that not all firms are the same and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving key client challenges. SettLiT is an especially versatile solution designed to meet your organization's specific needs.

Say goodbye to the frustration of lengthy, resource-intensive client processes and say hello to SettLiT, where putting your clients first and driving revenue across your business, really is just a few clicks away. Learn more & get in touch HERE.

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