Marble, Medchart, and MarbleAPI—A Quick Explanation.

October 20, 2022
2 minute read

Marble is growing quickly. 

We’re proud to have been ranked number 13 on the Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s top Growing Companies, and we’ve also been named one of CIX’s Top 10 Growth Companies for 2022. 

And as we grow, our brand and products have evolved. 

Here’s a quick clarification on how we describe ourselves and our products.


Marble is our company—our overarching corporate brand. It is the next evolution of our previous brand, Medchart, and it encompasses everything we do as an organization. 

Marble refers to the entire ecosystem we are creating. Our goal is to empower developers, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to use and build off our platform, solving key healthtech issues in the process. Not only does the name align with our positioning, but it will also continue to support our strategic growth well into the future.


Medchart is our previous corporate brand. 

We’ve transitioned our corporate name to Marble, but Medchart lives on as the name of our legal product. It is specifically designed to empower law firms to quickly and easily access the medical data that they need for mass tort and personal injury cases. 

Learn more about how Medchart works here


MarbleAPI is our proprietary API platform and the basis upon which all our products are built, including Medchart. The API platform includes our developer environment that enables external organizations to leverage our technology and build API products, solving critical digital health and related industry challenges in the process. Software development kits (SDKs), key resources, and the Marble Developer Community are all accessed via this platform. 

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