Marble Makes CIX Top 10 Growth Company for 2022

October 2, 2022
1 minute read

CIX has identified Marble as one of their Top 10 Growth Companies for 2022!

CIX is an organization that joins tech investors with early-stage and scaling startups at its annual tech investment conference. The fastest growing companies are listed in either the CIX TOP 20Early, for early-stage companies or CIX TOP 10 Growth for high-growth companies.

The rigorous selection process included evaluation of the applicants on a number of criteria:

- Business Model

- Quality of Product and Service Offering

- Innovation

- Market Opportunity

- Depth of Management

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of Leadership

 Marble prevailed throughout the process, and out of 485 applicants, made the cut into the CIX TOP 10 Growth category. 

We'll be discussing Marble and our end-to-end health data solution at CIX Toronto, November 2nd, from 3 pm.

Marble: Working to build out the future of health data

Simply put, Marble easily and securely aggregates consumer-authorized access to digitized health records, billing data, and affidavits, while ensuring and maintaining HIPAA compliance. Marble also provides tens of thousands of trusted data connections through a simple-to-use API set. 

We unlock health data.

Use our powerful and versatile API to build the future of health data.

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