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Marble Announcement

March 30, 2022
2 minute read

Introducing Marble: The New API to Power Digital Health Innovation

Sometimes there’s a light bulb moment, while other times, the bulb gets progressively brighter. That’s how we’d describe the evolution of Marble, which we are proud to introduce today. Marble is an easy-to-implement API designed by developers for developers to build anew generation of digital health applications and experiences. Like what Plaid did for fintech, we see Marble as the catalyst to a new era of digital innovation in health tech by putting patient-authorized health data at developers’ fingertips.

A closer look at our evolution

A new platform, Marble is the next evolution of Medchart. For years, Medchart squarely addressed one of the most fractured processes: accessing patient health records for everyday business tasks in the legal, insurance, and research industries, to name a few. We tapped into a vast network with EMRs, health information exchanges, release of information vendors, and health insurance payers to drastically reduce the time to get health data. And Marble will now open these capabilities to a broader range of businesses.

Our team of expert developers created Marble to allow customers to build and launch their branded apps quickly. Customers save considerable time and financial resources with Marble, allowing them to focus on other essential business functions. Like Medchart, Marble takes care of patient authorization and gives customers access to its health data network via a simple search while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

While we are very excited about today’s announcement, it’s important to note that Medchart isn’t going anywhere.Medchart will continue to work with personal injury and class action attorneys in North America, by using Marble to deliver faster insights.

Why now is the time to introduce Marble

We’ve diligently kept our fingers on the pulse of the health tech industry.We’ve always believed Medchart’s innovative technology would appeal to an even broader swath of industries. Emerging market factors show that the time to expand is at hand.

First, there has been an explosion of health-related apps—companies introduced 90,000 new health apps in 2020 alone.Many of those apps require access to patient data but struggle to get it.Second, the 21st Century Cures Act requires U.S. healthcare organizations to make patient-authorized health data available via secure, standards-based APIs.The combination of a market need for health data and a requirement for infrastructure to make that data available turned up the proverbial brightness dial.

Healthcare represents a massive $10T global market, and experts believe the digital health market will expand to $600B by2024. We believe Marble can help its customers claim many of those markets.Currently, development teams are participating in the Marble API beta program, which will refine the platform and uncover new ways to serve customers.

We believe Marble will further propel digital health toward more specialized apps for people to help them maintain their health and wellness.

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