HealthBird Partners with Marble to Power the Enrollment and Management Process of Health Insurance

November 7, 2022
1 minute read

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to HealthBird.

We’re excited to announce that HealthBird has chosen the Marble API to power enrollment for health insurance and wellness tracking product. 

What is HealthBird?

HealthBird is a game-changing health insurance platform and health management tool. It makes it easy for anyone to shop for health insurance, purchase a plan, and manage their coverage. 

  • Shop. HealthBird’s AI-based matching algorithms help customers find plans and coverage based on their needs and preferences in just a few seconds. 
  • Buy. Customers can enroll for health, dental, and vision insurance coverage right through the platform.
  • Track. Once enrolled, the HealthBird Member Concierge team is available s days a week to help understand the selected benefits. It also offers benefits like medication tracking, appointment booking, prescription storage, and more.

Where does Marble fit?

HealthBird’s innovative product promises to make understanding your insurance coverage much simpler. To work, HealthBird needed secure access to its clients’ health data including prescription data, electronic medical records, and payer data. HealthBird chose the Marble API product to securely access that information while respecting permissions and privacy. 

Marble’s product provides HealthBird with many benefits:

Payer data & EMRs: Two critical sources of information that give a more detailed view of a patient’s health profile are payer-related data and electronic medical records (EMR). Marble provides both of these to enable insurance companies to deliver more customized service offerings to HealthBird customers. 

Prescription data: Marble retrieves and processes important patient prescription data. HealtBird leverages this information to deliver a more efficient medication management experience that includes features like reminders and dosing. 

  • A simple, turnkey solution. Rather than build connections with hundreds of health organizations, HealthBird needs just one connection to Marble’s API. We take care of the rest, including working to consistently grow our data network. 
  • Patient-mediated data sharing. The Marble’s proprietary consent and routing engine gives full access control to the data owner. That means each individual consumer decides which data HealthBird can access. Data remains secure and private.
  • Compliance is built-in. Tracking health data means complying with a suite of privacy laws and regulations. By using Marble API, HealthBird ensures it’s compliant with relevant laws and reduces its legal risk.
  • Convenient to build on. The Marble API was built for developers, and we’ve made it super easy to connect with. 
  • Industry-standard data format. Marble provides data in FHIR-compliant format. This common data format makes data exchange easy and fast.

How can you use Marble?

Marble offers a versatile and powerful API built to power innovative technology solutions.

HealthBird is using the API to bring a seamless digital experience to its insurance customers. 

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